Final evaluation by the coordinators

Message from the coordinators of the Holiday Activity Programme:

First of all, we are very honoured and proud to have worked with such a wonderful group of young people. We are very satisfied with the final result of the festival and with the whole project. These are the main outcomes that we are glad to have achieved.

Fighting isolation and alienation

One of our main hopes was to create a community hub where our young people could interact with each other within a safe environment. For a young recent migrant coming to such a big city as London the first dangers are isolation and alienation. For this reason it was fundamental to provide a place where young people could develop their social skills with trusted adults as positive role models. Our young people have interacted with peers with similar difficulties and life situation in an environment where they felt safe and loved. We are very satisfied of the group dynamics and of the mutual collaboration that has been created for a common final aim (organizing the final event).

Improving self esteem

Another objective was to improve the self esteem of the participants of the projects. Experiences of low skills and low paid job, frustration because of poor language skills and other dynamics represented a threat for the self confidence of our participants. Participating to diversionary activities has built trust in others and in themselves. This has been particularly true for those that have developed an already existing talent in some of the workshop (see below, artistic skills). After the final event, we have received many informal oral feedback about how they were proud of themselves and their work.

Organisational skills

The month of workshop had the objective of organising a small event and so to provide the participants with the relevant organisational skills. This can be considered another achievement for our programme, as the participants have collaborated and cooperated for the preparation of the event. Every participant had own task and role according to the talents or preferences within the group. As a collective, they all learnt how challenging but satisfying is to organise an event. As individuals, they all took responsibility for their own task and they perform it well. In particular, the ones responsible for the photography of the event, the music equipment and the presentation have developed impressive organisational skills, which they were simply waiting for an opportunity.

Artistic skills

Artistic activities had the objective to engage young people and provide opportunity to channel energy and enthusiasm in a positive way. The photography and the rap workshops have been the most successful activities, both for the collective enthusiasm and the individual talent that have been discovered and developed. One participant of the photography workshop has shown real talent in creativity and compositional skills. This “artistic eye” has been noticed by the professional photographer and in the near future we would like to be able to help him to develop this talent. For the moment, he was rewarded with many of his pictures shown in the photography of the festival and with the chance to use a professional camera to take picture of the event. The photography exhibition was so appreciated by the location management (Six Brixton) that we have been asked to leave it in place for two more weeks. The rap workshop has been another reason of satisfaction. All the participants have contributed with their lyrics that have been recorded in a collective song. This song will be given by each participants as a tangible memory of this amazing experience. The professional rapper (MC Solomon from Assembly of Creative Arts) has been an amazing facilitator and was very satisfied of the final result. In particular, two individuals have finally found an opportunity to show and improve their natural talent for hip hop. One participant was given the chance to perform his own rap song during the festival and another one performed a break dancing during the exhibition of the festival head-liner (MC Solomon). Both were very much appreciated by the audience with a obvious boost for their self esteem.

After a very intense month we can say that we are proud of our work and proud of our young people. We wish to our young participants a future full of all the opportunities they wish and they deserve but this is not the end of it. Our intention is to continue to collaborate with this group and with new participants in the future to keep all the positive energies we have seen and to develop towards new directions.

A special thanks to Lambeth Council that has funded this wonderful project and to all the staff and volunteers of IRMO that have helped us organising the final event.

Morgana Zuccoli

Fabio Fantazzini

irmo lambeth


Together as One 2014


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The big day has arrived and it was a great success!
Amazing event, good vibes, lovely people! Thanks to all the marvellous team of Layf London for make it happen! Thanks to the coordinators Morgana Mina Vagante and Fabio Fantazzini, to all the volunteers and staff of IRMO Indoamerican Refugee and Migrant Organisation A special thanks to MC Solomon Live from Assembly of Creative Arts for spending one entire month with us with their amazing rap workshop.
Thanks to all the facilitators for delivering inspiring workshops and talks during this month, and thanks to the artists, DJs and bands that have share this special day with us.
Thanks to Six Brixton for the positive energies and the amazing venue, in particular to Maria, Nanda and Gloria.Thanks to our partners and sponsors Fotosynthesis LondonAculco London, Assembly of Creative Arts and to our funder Lambeth Council.
We love you all! We will carry on with all our activities, always Together as One!

Photography Exhibition


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Text from the exhibition displayed at Brixton Six Community centre:

“The pictures that you can see in this exhibition have been taken during the photography workshop of our Holiday Activity Programme. The participants (from 13 to 19 years old) have been provided with digital cameras and with a list (“treasure hunt”) of themes that concerned individual and collective identities and their representation. The result is a mixture of building, streets, symbols and self portraits that reflects their past (Latin American and Spanish roots) and present (current new life in London).

The majority of these pictures have been taken in Brixton and its surroundings and they show the perspective and perception that our young people have of the area. One of the objectives of the summer programme was to enable their contemplation on local identity, which is normally the first point of referral for young migrants arrived in a new country. Building a local identity is the first important touchstone of their new life, which will be added to their previous Latin American and Spanish traits and will hopefully lead to a fully acceptance of the richness and beauty of multiple identities.

A special thanks to Ingrid Guyon and Photosynthesis for having facilitated the workshop.”

The photography exhibition was so appreciated that we have been asked to keep it on display for two more weeks! Here you can find some of the pictures…

foto lat foto 2 cp foto 5 cp foto 3 cp foto 8 cp foto 7 cp foto 11 cp foto 9 cp occhiali foto emily love brixton

Last days of preparation


These are the last days before our final event and we are checking everything is ready. The presenter wrote their speech in English and Spanish and the responsible for the music checked the sound equipment. 

Organising the festival… Together as One is getting closer


Today we met to resume the situation about the festival organisation.

Risk assessment, rain, maximum capacity, equipment, so many things to take into account…

We agreed all together on the event programme and we divided the tasks amongst the participants. Some of us they will be in charge of the second hand market, some of the music, some of the workshops, etc.

Saturday the 30th is getting closer and closer….